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* Flight planning, including ETOPs, to required AOC and/or

  individual private ops requirement with FMS uplinks.        

* Weather and NOTAM provision

* Flight watch including PIREPs

* ATC slot management with direct relay to crews

* Coordinated airfield slots applied for and managed

* Worldwide diplomatic clearances

* Ramp, cargo and passenger handling including settlement of  

  associated taxes and fees

* Fuel shopping and provision on credit basis

* EU ETS management

* TSA and eAPIS submission for flights to and from the USA

* Hotel and transport reservations

* Passenger weather briefing




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Diplomatic clearances

Many countries outside Western Europe require permits to be issued in order to allow the overfly or landing of aircraft.


The application process for these permits can be time-consuming and difficult but METIS Aviation has excellent relationships with nearly all local Civil Aviation Authority offices around the world.


This enables the smooth processing of any request, including for last-minute flights.


We avoid the use of local agents wherever possible and this keeps our costs down and thus the savings made are passed on to our customers.


Moving aircraft can be costly and time consuming. METIS Aviation offers all associated services so as to keep operations smooth and on time with the added benefit of lower costs.


We can offer assistance and support in the following areas and on a world-wide basis:


* Ad-hoc aircraft positioning

* All aircraft sizes supported

* Delivery flights

* End and start of lease positioning flights

* Ferry crew supply

* One clear, accurate invoice



Ferry flights


Crew supply

Part of our supplementary service is the supply of suitably qualified crew, be it for one day, one week or a longer term contract.


Our crew, pilots and cabin staff, are all vetted, qualified and trained to a high standard. All have previous experience in airline or corporate aircraft operations.


Individual details on crew members are available upon request.

Flight operations support for new airlines and aircraft operators.


Initial or ongoing outsourcing of the flight operations function. flight planning systems, operations staff, documentation and more.


The setting up of an operations room can be costly and time consuming.

METIS Aviation offer a service that will reduce initial outgoings, avoiding the need for initial staff recruitment and investment in IT systems.


Let METIS Aviation become your "virtual" operations room and / or crew control during your start up process.


Short or longer term, outsourcing can equate with considerable savings on initial staff salary and IT equipment.

Start up support

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